Confessions of St Augustine

Confessions of St Augustine

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Confessions of St Augustine, perhaps the earliest surviving Western autobiography, is the account of the sins committed in St Augustine’s youth, his acceptance of Manichaeism, and his eventual conversion, including his inner meditations. It is split into thirteen parts, originally meant to be read aloud, the last four of which are commentaries.

Author: St Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (354-430) was born in Thagaste in Roman Africa (modern day Algeria). He moved to Carthage to study rhetoric when he was 17, at which time he embraced a hedonistic lifestyle and took a mistress, whom he kept until his conversion in 389. As a young adult, he taught grammar and rhetoric in various locations including Carthage, Thagaste, Rome, and Milan. Augustine’s conversion, though influenced by his mother and Bishop Ambrose of Milan, finally came about after he was prompted to read Romans 13:13-14. He was ordained a priest of Hippo in 391 and was elevated to bishop four years later. He is most noted for his many surviving writings as well as his opposition to the Manichaean religion, to which he had adhered during his time in Carthage.

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