Communicating Christ in Asian Cities
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Communicating Christ in Asian Cities: Urban Issues in Buddhist Contexts is the sixth volume in a series produced from the annual SEANET Missiological Forum held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It developed from a keen awareness that certain urban concerns for evangelistic mission must be addressed in a unique way when viewed within the myriad and complex cultures found within Asian Buddhism. All authors included here write from many years of experience as Evangelical mission theologians, scholars, pastors and practitioners working within Asian urban Buddhist contexts. This book is divided into three sections with the first focused on foundational issues of ministry within the framework of Asian Buddhist cities. The second section includes four chapters addressing several contextual issues specific to peoples within Asian Buddhist cities. The final section includes three chapters on the topic of strategic means of evangelization found useful in specific Asian urban Buddhist contexts.

ISBN: 9780878080076
Pages: 297
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Published: 2009
Publisher: William Carey Library
Communicating Christ Through Story and Song
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Communicating Christ Through Story and Song, the fifth volume in the Buddhist World series, presents models and case studies of communication of the Gospel through orality in Southeast Asia. With contributions from seasoned practitioners working in Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and the Philippines, this insightful book explores the Biblical foundations – and the cultural imperative – of employing oral tradition to effectively communicate in Buddhist contexts.

ISBN: 9780878085118
Pages: 320
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Published: 2008
Publisher: William Carey Library
Christian Barriers to Jesus
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Expect some shaking and refining of your biblical worldview as you read this book.

Hindus often have a high view of Jesus, but they struggle with traditions and customs around Christianity and church. Christian Barriers to Jesus uniquely challenges readers to examine nine barrier-producing Christian traditions from three perspectives:
• Concerns Hindus commonly raise about the traditions
• Assumptions Christians may hold about the traditions
• Teachings of Jesus and Scripture that often question the Christian traditions that confuse, offend, and alienate Hindus from Jesus.

This book suggests that we are not asking deep enough questions about what is essential for following Jesus and what is non-essential human invention. If we truly care about Jesus, we must honestly address where those non-essential traditions unnecessarily alienate millions of people from him.

ISBN: 9780878085453
Pages: 304
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2017
Publisher: William Carey Library
Becoming the People of God
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How do Christ followers celebrate unity in the midst of diversity? How do we become the people of God in more than name only? A unifying Christ-centeredness demands living out kingdom values and bearing witness to transformation in and through a multitude of cultural manifestations. We struggle to serve, worship, and witness in the midst of this age-old challenge.

This collection of perspectives comes from settings where the good news of Jesus has not been the dominant historical norm. All contributors in this volume are practitioners. They have a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage and important moral values found in Buddhist contexts.

We believe these chapters hold valuable lessons that speak to all of the family of faith. Here you will find a wide range of topics and approaches that address what it means to become the global body of believers. These can speak to you wherever you are called to participate with God’s work in the world.

Christ followers are in the process of becoming what will one day culminate in a huge and startling celebration of people from all of God’s beloved creation. If you are interested in hearing from those discovering what that might look like outside traditional packaging, this book is for you.

ISBN: 9780878080427
Pages: 242
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Published: 2015
Publisher: William Carey Library
Animistic World View and its Implication on Teaching God’s Word
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Animistic World View and its Implication on Teaching God’s Word with Special Reference to the Karen People by Hans-Christoph Bär

Has Bär has worked in grass root evangelism and leadership training among the Karen people in Omkoi district (Thailand) for twenty-five years. This book is observations he has made about the Karen people and their animistic world view. What they hear when Christians talk about the spirits, God, the Holy Spirit, God’s son and other aspects of Biblical teaching. Hans endeavors to find out the implication this has on teaching the Bible into this culture and how it influences all main religions.

Pages: 41
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Publisher: Hans Christoph Bär OMF P.O.Box 27 Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand 2016
22 Open Bible Stories
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This resource is comprised of 22 illustrated stories from the Gospels from the Birth of John the Baptist to the beginning of the Church, and are designed for evangelism & discipleship. It is an unrestricted visual mini-Bible, with two large illustrations per page, provided by Sweet Publishing. A short synopsis of each illustration is provided as a caption under it, as well as the Bible reference of the story.

Pages: 148
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Publisher: Distant Shores Media