Communicating Christ in Asian Cities

Communicating Christ in Asian Cities

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Communicating Christ in Asian Cities: Urban Issues in Buddhist Contexts is the sixth volume in a series produced from the annual SEANET Missiological Forum held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It developed from a keen awareness that certain urban concerns for evangelistic mission must be addressed in a unique way when viewed within the myriad and complex cultures found within Asian Buddhism. All authors included here write from many years of experience as Evangelical mission theologians, scholars, pastors and practitioners working within Asian urban Buddhist contexts. This book is divided into three sections with the first focused on foundational issues of ministry within the framework of Asian Buddhist cities. The second section includes four chapters addressing several contextual issues specific to peoples within Asian Buddhist cities. The final section includes three chapters on the topic of strategic means of evangelization found useful in specific Asian urban Buddhist contexts.

ISBN: 9780878080076
Pages: 297
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Published: 2009
Publisher: William Carey Library