That Man
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That Man Who Came to Us tells the story of the life of Jesus Christ through traditional Thai art. Featuring black and white line drawings inspired by an art form born in northern and central Thailand, That Man tells the story of Christ as fully God, yet fully human. Artist Sawai Chinnawong employs the regions’ popular distinctive artistic style originally used to depict Buddhist moral principles and other religious themes.

A meditative and teaching tool, That Man is a simple yet powerful book that communicates Christ in both the Thai and English languages. The book also includes cultural notes and scripture references for further study. By depicting Christ in the context of Thai tradition, That Man proves the many ways Christ is present—and can be found—in every culture.

ISBN: 9780878080144
Pages: 104
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Published: 2010
Publisher: William Carey Library