Seeking the Unseen

Seeking the Unseen

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The Psalmist tells us that God’s Spirit is present everywhere. While full recognition and complete submission to that presence may not be evident in any human context, the existence of God does not change. The spiritual reality of a creator and sustainer does not depend on our ability to comprehend or explain the divine. In the same way, the purposes of God are not limited by our lack of awareness of them. Buddhism claims no god, yet spiritual realities abound in popular practice. What are these realities? What do they mean to the practitioners?

How can understanding these realities inform Christ-followers seeking to communicate the good news of Jesus in ways that all can understand and relate to it? In answer to these and other questions, SEANET proudly presents its twelfth volume, Seeking the Unseen:
Spiritual Realities in the Buddhist World. Christian practitioners from thirteen different Buddhist cultures and regions share insights gained from their wide-ranging experiences and perspectives. From Sri Lanka to Japan, from China to the Philippines, these women and men, Asian and Western, present on a topic that is often missing in mission literature today. And for readers seeking personal insight into the growing spiritual complexities of their own place in the post-modern world, lessons from these authors will guide you with practical principles from engaging, firsthand cultural experiences.

ISBN: 9780878080465
Pages: 311
Binding: Perfect
Size: A5 Paperback
Published: 2015
Publisher: William Carey Library